Explore, Reinvent and Choose new expressive fields of life without the burden of illusion, the inconvenience of shame or the friction of fear.

We develop & transfer
Mind:Altering, life:changing & career:transforming


that move the human race forward

Consciousness:Codes we provide taylor:made to supply chain-involved management-teams responsible for revenues > 100 Mio. € per year

Codes that help you Reframe and  Transform your setbacks into opportunities for learning, growth &  success.

Codes that Create space for recognizing the repressed parts of yourselvf  you have been hiding since childhood in order to become the better individual you know you can be.

Codes that help you Develop a deep and confident understanding of what is coming from within – the empowering you – and what is coming from without – the perceptive tribe.

Codes that help you Stimulate & Cultivate your purpose of consciousness-existance.

Codes that  Uncover & Liberate surpressed receptivity to your true artistic Narrative.

Codes that successively Dissolve unconscious rigid perspectives which cloud your ability to properly perceive the environment.

Codes that Alchemize unconscious identities you identify yourself with that toxify your systems & environments 24/7.

Codes that Unlock your potential & further the potential of everyone in your organisation.

Codes that Unlock the high performance-culture your organisation’s stakeholders truly deserve.

Codes that Demistify the illusional tribe-narrative and Move you elegantly beyond yet known fields of expression.

Codes that Ignite your inner Drive to get stuff done and Encourage that drive also in others.

Codes that Let you re-affirm & honestly experience values planted in your deepest being & Integrate those key imperatives into your daily actions.

Codes that  Resolve mental dilemmas and Grant new access to power & the ability to take action in a way that promotes feelings of prosperity & certainty, rather than frustration and confusion.

Codes that Shake you free from the grasp of indoctrination and mental imprisonment, holding you back from channeling the life which is meant for you.

Codeas that Amplify how to translate what you’ve dismantled from your unconscious mind so that you can live a more authentic, liberated, intentional conscious existence.

Codes that Sync you with the leader within you for the sake of supporting all become better individuals.

Codes that Move you into the Biggest Game so far.

Codes that Re-Shape you back into the IID-Shapeshifter you were born (Infinite Impact Design-Shapeshifter).

"When we read the newspaper and watch the evening news, we see the media reporting a decaying caterpillar world. And yet everywhere, you and other human imaginal cells are awakening to a new possibility. We are clustering, communicating, and tuning into a new, coherent signal of love."

- bruce h. lipton, phd