iF you are a 6 fig. + business owner

"What does it really take me to sustainably TRANSFORM my CLIENTS LIVES?"

then we are the answer to your prayers

Did you know?

98% of people build businesses that solve symptoms, not problems. means: there is no sustainable change, only short-term relief.

If you feel awaken enough to become the 2% who truly transform planet earth's & humanities history, click below to watch the intro MASTERCLASS.

It's unbelievable how much you don'T know about the game you have been playing all your life.



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When you resonate

Let us Co-Design & elevate SMART Value Chain-Strategies on Energetical, Tactical & Strategical Levels.

go through the application after you watched the masterclass. our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

be aware that working with us requires COMMITMENTS on various levels.

upgrading your business' consciousness

our area of experience ranges from designing to launching to growing & scaling businesses. To truly understand the place you're coming from we ask you to read the 5 statements below and share in your application which one defines your situation most.

i need to figure out where my yet unconscious shadow-traits ru(i)n my life & business.
I am aware that those motifs create ineffectiveness in my life.


i need to clearly define our companies vision & mission to create an energetically aligned communication throughout the whole value-chain. I am aware that clear communication is king.


i need a s.m.a.r.t. value-chain that delivers the transformation i promise to my clients & that makes me scaling-ready. I am aware that structure is the next step.


I need a simple framework that helps our company measurably increase the impact our service provides to the world. I am aware that I need to have done the motif-alchemy before.


I am ready to transform from a transactional entrepreneur to a transformational relationship leader, and from there to a global icon.
i am aware that i am a change maker.


Meet t.s. Lukas bystrøn

life is a game that you play. surely, IT MAY SEEM THAT IT IS A GAME THAT YOU PLAY WITH FORCES OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF - like the economies - BUT AS YOU WORK WITH us, YOU'll DISCOVER THAT IT IS ACTUALLY A GAME YOU PLAY WITH YOURSELF. and how you play - affects your quality of life and the extent to which you can liberate yourself.


a truth- & heart-driven Infinite impact Designer & Guide for dedicated Visionists & Leaders

Gifted with the ability to activate highly vibrational intelligence (TSA.Vibration) within influential leaders, T.S. Lukas Bystron aligned with his calling to:

“Support impactful Visionists & Leaders in designing new paradigms for humanity in the fields of education, medical & therapy.”

T.S. Lukas Bystron is a global networker with a high sense of empathy and authority in his field as an TSA-Activator.  His upcoming Holding named CoreCare Development provides a holistic value-chain, that scouts, trains and positions international experts as to-go-leaders in their specific niche.

“The leaders we work with clearly sense the day the collective self-unworthiness transforms into creativity & fulfillment. It’s already happening.”

T.S. Lukas Bystron also provides trainings for dedicated business leaders & teams who operate customer-centered within an evolution-based just cause. “My approach is a way of energetic leveraging & amplifying, where team members find resolutions to external, internal and philosophical growth-points they face on energetical, tactical and strategical levels.

The results are smart: Professionals & teams start to innerstand & further embody their roles as “souls’ trips companions” in their customers soul’s journeys. Each team member gets a clear sense on how to position him- & herself properly in the supply chain and increase its overall effectiveness to serve people.

“Fact is, not everybody is ready yet to be trained by us. That’s why we set high standards & like to choose who we work with.”

The highly transformational Elite-programs AMA°2 & CIMM.global are highly influential Done with you & Done for you-services which transform leaders into Global Icons & Energy Commanders. They can be accessed by invitation only.